Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Consult the Priestess

Whether you need a little insight into a sticky situation, or a more comprehensive look at your life path, Tarot and Oracle readings are a valuable tool. I have been reading Tarot for 25 years, and I have seen readings help people break through creative and intellectual blocks, make difficult decisions, and transform their lives in countless ways.

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Virtual Readings

Virtual readings are done within 48 hours of my receiving payment. You’ll get a detailed description of your reading, including a PDF which you can print out or save for future reference.

Three Card Reading: A basic past, present, future reading, this reading is perfect for getting a quick insight into a situation. The Three-Card Reading helps you see the general energies at work, the forces influencing your situation, and a potential outcome. Wonderful for assessing a decision or deciding how to move forward. $20

Celtic Cross Reading: The classic! This 11-card reading give you what I call a “10,000 foot view” of the forces at work in a situation, possible outcomes, and places where you can make decisions or seek more information. My most popular reading. $50

What the Actual F*ck? Reading: Based on a great spread from Interrobang Tarot, this 6-card “quick and dirty” spread gets straight to the heart of a vexing situation. Excellent for when you feel stuck, or feel as though you don’t have all the information about a situation. $40

6-Month Overview Reading: This 21-card spread gives you a 6-month overview of your life in terms of love, work, and finances. It’s a lot of information! Great for planning out the next phase of your life, informing decisions, and helping you see past the immediate circumstances. $150

Year Ahead Reading: A great way to make plans, set goals, and just prepare for the New Year! This spread includes 13 cards — a card for each month and a central message/theme. $75

Custom Spreads are available for specific questions and issues — relationships, finance, life path, and more. These readings run from $40-$200, depending on what fits your need. Contact me with the form below to discuss your situation and find the reading that will be the best fit!