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Inspiring Imbolc! Getting to Know the Sabbat

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Imbolc, sometimes known as Brighid, is the celebration of the first stirrings of Spring. The Earth begins to awake from her Winter slumber, and we also begin to stir to life. The energies of the season invite us to set creative goals, prepare for the coming Spring, and nurture ourselves as we get ready to bloom.

Over the course of the week leading up to Imbolc, we’ll explore the lore behind the holiday, including Goddesses of the season. We’ll reflect on what the energies of the season — inspiration, germination, anticipation — mean to us and how they show up in our lives. And we’ll learn some practical skills for celebrating Imbolc, whether alone or with a group — ritual ideas, recipes for feast dishes and ritual incenses, and some tips for bringing Imbolc energy into our everyday lives.For just $10, you’ll get access to this online, self-paced course — including access to the material forever! You’ll also get to learn and grow with a fabulous spiritual community.

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