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Weekly Goddess Inspiration: Hathor

This entry is mirrored from my PaganSquare blog, Third Wave Witch. This week, beautiful and fertile Hathor comes into our reading to encourage us to see the bounty all around us. For many in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the tail … Continue reading

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Visiting the Past to Find Hope for the Future

I’ve been on a bit of a feminist thealogy/feminist spirituality history tour of late. It feels like the moment is ripe for a whole new wave of Goddess Spirituality to be born, with the resurgence in interest in Witchcraft born … Continue reading

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Full Moon Oracle Reading

The Gemini Moon is here to ask us to find a way to meld wisdom and understanding. The Sun is in philosophical, wisdom seeking Sagittarius, while the Moon is in curious, communicative Gemini. What wisdom are you seeking? What understanding … Continue reading

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Full Moon Rising

The Gemini Full Moon is rising! She’ll be Full on Wednesday, beckoning to us to bid the old year good-bye, focus on our most deeply held goals and principles, and prepare both for the new calendar year and — more … Continue reading

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All I Want

One of my spirit sisters posted this brave blog about wanting more in 2017, and it got me to thinking about what it is I want going into the new year. I’m still not used to being able to think … Continue reading

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Lengthening Shadows

December is here. We had our first really cold morning – or at least really cold for Texas – today, and it made my thoughts begin to really turn to the dark, cold, days of winter. Well the light will … Continue reading

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New Moon in Sagittarius

Tonight’s New Moon is in Sagittarius. Archer energy is always fun — Sagittarius, while the philosopher’s sign, is also always up for anything. As a Sag myself, I often say my philosophy of life is, “What? I’m too busy dancing!” … Continue reading

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