The Goddess Major Arcana: Lakshmi/Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is, for lack of a better word, something of a persnickety card. While it portends motion or movement of some kind, it also seems to stop short of really telling you what’s coming. It tells you that something is about to happen, but stops short of giving you a clue what’s coming. Instead, it reminds us that the Wheel continues to turn, the cycles roll forward, that change is the only constant.

The reinterpretation of The Wheel of Fortune in The Goddess Tarot has a bit of a different energy.  Embodied in Lakshmi (sometimes spelled Laxmi), the Hindu Goddess of abundance and generosity, Fortune brings messages that, literally, Fortune is about to smile upon you. And yet this card also carries the message of The Wheel of Fortune too, indicating that fundamental change is imminent, that we all will occupy every point on the Wheel throughout our lives, and that change is the only constant.


Lakshmi/Fortune from The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr.

When Lakshmi’s eagle comes into your reading, She is encouraging you to surrender to the inevitable ebb and flow of life. The Wheel may turn, but the hub — the Self — remains a stable center. Lakshmi/Fortune brings messages of important changes to come, and reminds you that you can fight change or move with it — but that even if we fight change, it will do its work.  If you are unhappy with your situation, Lakshmi may come into your reading to tell you to be patient — your circumstances will change, as the Wheel inevitably turns.

Lakshmi/Fortune can also bring messages of literal changes of Fortune. Lakshmi is best known for her love of gold and all things luxurious, and for her willingness to share those riches with others. This card can indicate that a change in financial circumstances (for the better) is on the way. This can be the abundant harvest that follows hard work — Lakshmi also rules the Suit of Pentacles in this deck — or an unexpected windfall. And beyond monetary gain, this card can promise that one’s luck or fortune is about to change, that the querent is about to enter a new, more prosperous phase of life.

One of the things I like about this rendition of The Wheel of Fortune is that it feels more benevolent, more loving, and more deliberate. The classic Wheel of Fortune card can sometimes produce a little anxiety when it pops up in reading, as it speaks to the seemingly random and capricious motion of life and the universe. Lakshmi/Fortune feels more supportive. Rather than being told that you’re strapped to the Wheel and subject to the whims of Fate, this card seems to indicate that there is a benevolent, caring energy guiding that Wheel.



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Susan Harper, Ph.D., aka The Dreaming Priestess, is an educator, activist, advocate, and ritual specialist living and working in the Dallas, Texas area.
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