Full Moon in Aquarius, August 2017

Monday, August 7, brings us a Full Moon in Aquarius– followed quickly by a Lunar Eclipse. This is a powerful time for change! Aquarius Full Moons call upon us to release that which is no longer serving our highest good. I know for many of us, it feels like 2017 has been one long exercise in letting go — we have had so much stripped from us, have had to release our stranglehold on things we never thought we could live without — and it can feel like the losses are never-ending. This Full Moon, and the Eclipse, offer us an opportunity to get to the root of the matter, the heart of the work we’ve been doing during this turn of the Wheel of the Year. There’s so much potential for growth, for celebration after grieving, for finally receiving now that are hands are open and no longer grasping.

To help you navigate this Full Moon and the Eclipse, I’ve drawn three cards from the gorgeous Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Mosely. I love the Victorian feel of these cards, and the detail in the pictures gives them a real depth of meaning. There’s so much happening here!

Take a look at the cards below.


Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Take a moment to center yourself.



Let your intuition guide you to the card or cards that hold your message for this New Moon.





If you chose Card #1, your card is Change


This card, in which the woman wraps herself against the autumn winds, indicates that a cycle in your life has reached its natural conclusion. Honor the natural cycles of life, and know that this ending also heralds a new beginning. This change may be difficult or challenging, but will also bring new gifts. This card invites you to see this new phase as an adventure. (I often think it has a lot in common with The Fool in Tarot.) What in your life has reached its conclusion? What are you ready to finish? How can you bring about that conclusion in a way that honors the cycle which is ending? What are you ready to begin?

If you chose Card #2, your card is Perception


This card reminds us that, while all the world may indeed be a stage, we must not confuse the many masks and costumes we wear with the Truth, and we must recognize that where we sit or stand influences how we see and are seen by the world. Perception asks you to examine the way you see and experience the world. What past experiences may be coloring your present experiences? What masks or costumes do you put on in order to navigate the world? Are these serving you? Take some time to step back and see things from a new angle. You may also wish to explore other means of perceiving — Tarot, intuitive work, and the like.

If you chose Card #3, your card is Love


This card, with its beautiful dove and bright sunset (or is it sunrise?), feature the Goddess of Love Aphrodite. This card heralds a time in your life when you must both give and receive love. Love transcends all, Aphrodite assures us. It may be time to forgive those who have hurt us — which does not mean absolving them of blame or saying that what they did was acceptable, but simply releasing the hold resentment holds over us. (It is not even necessary to tell the person you forgive them — you can do this on your own, for yourself.) You may also need to forgive yourself for real or imagined transgressions against yourself and others. The coming period is one that will be full of powerful love for you, in all its forms. Know that you deserve this love!


About dreamingpriestess

Susan Harper, Ph.D., aka The Dreaming Priestess, is an educator, activist, advocate, and ritual specialist living and working in the Dallas, Texas area.
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