Blessed Lughnasad!

August 1 marks Lughnasad (also known as Lammas) in the Northern Hemisphere. This feast of the First Harvest marks the beginning of the end of Summer. From here on out, we will be gathering in the fruits of our year’s labors, celebrating them with three Harvest festivals: Lughnasad, Mabon (Fall Equinox), and Samhain.

I came across this lovely spread from Ethony, and thought it would make a lovely Lughnasad gift for all of you!

I’m using the The Goddess Tarot Deck” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr, which (as you know if you’ve been following this blog for any length of time!) is my go-to Tarot deck.


Cards from The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. Permission to use photos of the cards generously granted by the artist.

Card 1: Theme

Six of Cups, reversed

This card speaks of nostalgia and perhaps even a longing for our past. However, appearing reversed, this Six of Cups tells me that the overall theme for Lughnasad and for this seasonal cycle is letting go. It is time to honor and let go of the things we are carrying from the past, especially emotional baggage from family or from past romantic relationships. We cannot carry this into the new season with us — it will only hinder our growth. (This seems appropriate for a Harvest festival, I must say!) Take the time to thank your past for what it has taught you, to offer forgiveness and release as appropriate, and open your hands to receive what this new cycle has to offer — you cannot receive with a closed fist!

Card 2: Goals

Seven of Staves, reversed

Note: I read Staves as Air, so about communication, inspiration, logic, intellect, etc.

The Seven of Staves brings a message that we have found a place of advantage in a tough or combative situation, when it shows up upright. When it appears reversed, as it does here, this card indicates feelings of defeat and giving up. How on Earth can that be a Goals card, you ask? I see this card as telling us that this season will call on us to prepare, perhaps even overprepare, as we seek to manifest our goals. Our goals for the beginning of Harvest Season (between now and Fall Equinox) are less about manifesting a physical product or result and more about realizing the areas in which we are not quite ready to harvest what we have planted. The Seven of Staves, reversed asks you to take inventory of the places where you need to shore up your resources, including your knowledge, so that you are ready to move forward at the next Harvest.

Card 3: Inspiration, the energies that can aid your goals

Two of Staves

Note: I read Staves as Air, so about communication, inspiration, logic, intellect, etc.

The Two of Staves is a card about looking toward the far horizon, toward the future. This card tells you that as you are preparing and shoring up your resources (as the Seven of Staves, reversed, indicates), you are best served by keeping up a long view. Don’t be distracted by the minutiae and drama of those around you, and don’t be discouraged. The Universe is supporting you in achieving something big! The Two of Staves can also speak to creative partnerships. Keep an eye out for a business, creative, or intellectual partner (like a research partner or writing buddy) that will help you to stay focused on the big goals in your life, even as you address the small milestones.

Card 4: Harvest, what you are being called to be grateful for

Ace of Wands, reversed

Note: I read Staves as Air, so about communication, inspiration, logic, intellect, etc.

The Ace of Staves often speaks to a lack of motivation, a feeling of being weighed down — not exactly the things we are most likely to be grateful for! However, I see this card as telling us to be grateful for the downtime we’ve had this year, and even for the setbacks. Many of us have gone through a tough period with a lot of introspection and self-evaluation this year — all the Retrogrades, plus the tricky dynamic of Capricorn and Cancer have made this year a difficult one, but one that has allowed us to grow in unexpected ways. Take some time to look at the ways in which this year’s challenges have been blessings, or have helped prepare you for the next cycle. You don’t have to go into Pollyannaish “everything happens for a reason” mode here; you can simply look at the lessons you’ve learned, and congratulate yourself on the rough waters you’ve managed to navigate, over the last couple of seasons.

Card 5: Lugh’s Bread, what needs to be sacrificed for you to prosper

Six of Pentacles, reversed

The Six of Pentacles is about charity, philanthropy, and generosity. So when it shows up reversed, it tells us that it is time to confront our poverty thinking. This can be about literal poverty thinking — being unwilling to share the fruits of our labor, being unwilling to spend our hard-earned money on things that give us pleasure, stinginess in general. It can also speak to a poverty of mind — the idea that there is never enough, that if someone succeeds they are necessarily taking something from us, that we are all competing for limited resources (money, time, love) and therefore we have to grasp and acquire. Poverty thinking can also show up as an attitude of waiting for the other shoe to drop or the next crisis to emerge. This card calls on us to give up this mindset — not an easy task, but a necessary one. Just as the Six of Cups, reversed, reminds us that we cannot receive until we open our hands, the Six of Pentacles, reversed, tells us that if we approach the world with a lens of lack, we will experience lack. Couple this with the Ace of Wands, reversed, which encourages us to examine our blessings even in times that seem tight, and it is clear that we must sacrifice our view of the world as a withholding, dangerous, bleak place if we are to harvest our blessings and the fruits of our labor.

An additional note: You have 2 Sixes in this reading, which speaks to a need to create beauty in the home and engage in creative pursuits. Seek out ways to make your home more welcoming and comfortable. Also find ways to leverage your creativity to bring you happiness and further your goals.

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Susan Harper, Ph.D., aka The Dreaming Priestess, is an educator, activist, advocate, and ritual specialist living and working in the Dallas, Texas area.
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