July Full Moon Oracle Reading

July 8 brings us the Buck Moon, my Fellow Travelers! Also known as the Thunder Moon, this Full Moon is full of active, extroverted, kinetic energy — what some systems refer to as “masculine” energy, but which I prefer to think of in less gendered terms. The Buck Moon gets its name from the way in which male ungulates such as deer get their antlers at this time, and the powerful buck with its mighty rack of antlers is an excellent symbol for what this Full Moon invites us to do. The Buck Moon is an ideal time to focus on the physical in your life — your body, your home and hearth, your financial situation, your physical surroundings. Maybe it’s time for a new tattoo, piercing, or haircut. Or maybe it’s time to get some bodywork done and integrate all the spiritual work you’ve been doing into your physical body. The past months have asked us to do a lot of heavy emotional work and healing, and it’s so easy to neglect our self-care, our bodies, and our homes when we’re dealing with so much in our internal worlds.

To help you determine where to focus your energy, I’m offering this Oracle card reading. This month’s Oracle reading comes from The Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Mosely. Take a look at the cards below.


This month’s Oracle card draw from The Vintage Wisdom Oracle

Close your eyes and ask the Oracle what you need to know and what energies are supporting you during this Full Moon. In addition to the cards, there are three Goddesses   — from left to right, they are Persephone (pink), Rhiannon (bronze), and Inanna (violet). Determine which card(s) you are most drawn to. Scroll down to find the reveal and the meanings of each card.

Breathe deep……

Connect to your Highest Self…..


If you chose Card #1/Persephone, your message is Enchantment. This card invites you to be open to Enchantment, to the Siren call of what fascinates and beguiles you. At the same time, it asks you to be discerning — to determine what is the true call of your Highest Self, and what might instead be seducing you into danger. Enchantment asks you to see the magick in the world around you, especially if you have been going through a time where things seem dull and lifeless. Find ways to bring the energy of Enchantment back into your life. The lighthouse in the card, to me, also speaks to the need to remember what our guiding light is — to find our true North. This Moon may offer up an opportunity to reflect on your most deeply held values, on what it means to you to live a truly authentic life.

If you chose Card #2/Rhiannon, your card is Patience. This card invites you to develop this most simple and most challenging of virtues. Especially in today’s warp-speed world, it can be deeply frustrating to not receive the results, messages, and rewards we seek in what we believe is a timely fashion. Like the child in the card, we may want to throw a tantrum when what we want does not readily manifest itself in our life. Patience asks you to reflect on why waiting for things to unfold in their own time is so frustrating for you, and what stories you tell yourself when you don’t seem to be getting what you want when you want it. This card invites you to reflect on ways that you can relinquish a need to control and make things happen — especially if you have a tendency to self-sabotage or create drama just for the sake of making something, anything happen. You may need to face stories you tell yourself about lack, about poverty, and about whether you believe you are worthy of health, happiness, and abundance.

If you chose Card #3/Inanna,  your card is Intuition. This card invites you to listen to your inner voice for guidance — which may mean shutting off a lot of external noise, including the voices of others who think they know what is best for you. Intuition asks you to seek the solitude and quiet necessary to hear the still, sweet voice within. You may find yourself drawn to exploring intuitive practices like Tarot, Oracle cards, pendulum work, meditation, or other spiritual pursuits. If you have been neglecting this part of your life, Intuition asks you to turn your attention there; with this Moon’s energy, it is an excellent time to clear and build altars, for instance. If you have been hearing a lot of input from others on your life, now is a time to gently but firmly let them know that you are choosing to listen to your gut, heart, and spirit.

I hope this reading is helpful to you during this Full Buck Moon! Please feel free to share in the comments what comes up for you around this reading and how you see it play out in your life!


About dreamingpriestess

Susan Harper, Ph.D., aka The Dreaming Priestess, is an educator, activist, advocate, and ritual specialist living and working in the Dallas, Texas area.
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