Creativity is the Cure

I love the days when a new horoscope by Chani Nicholas comes across my Facebook feed. Somehow she always knows exactly what I need to hear, and puts it in a way that speaks Truth. I especially love that she encourages you to read not only the horoscope for your Sun Sign, but for your Rising Sign. The ‘scopes for Sagittarius (my Sun Sign) are always right on, so of late I’ve been paying more attention to the ‘scopes for Libra (my Rising Sign) and looking at the way the two interact. Today I got the Horoscope for the Sagittarius New Moon, and once again it was a strike to the heart.


From The Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue

The Sagittarius horoscope for this moon asks me to rededicate myself to healing, to recommit to the daily rituals and activities which take me closer to my purpose, closer to my calling, closer to the Meaningful Thing I seek to make from my life:

“I seek to make something meaningful out of my life. I seek the actions that will help to cultivate self-respect. I make moves towards what is long-lasting. I work on what will help us all to stay here. On this planet. In peace. In health. In balance with all of creation.”

Yep, on target for sure. I’ve spent so much of the last decade struggling to follow the path that I thought I wanted, that I was told I was supposed to want, that the idea that I might instead want something completely different never occurred to me. Since consciously choosing to step off the traditional academic path — which had been fraught with roadblocks and setbacks that should have told me That’s Not The Way You’re Supposed to Go — I’ve spent more time thinking about what I really do want. I want to create something meaningful and lasting. I want to create a better world. I’m not entirely sure of how I do that, though walking through this Priestess Year has certainly shown me that the Meaningful Things I do in this world, with what Mary Oliver called this one wild, precious life, have in many ways very little to do with the work of professoring.

And so when I turned to my Libra horoscope and saw these words, I nearly had to catch my breath. Because if Sagittarius gives the diagnosis, Libra in this case gives the prescription:

“Creativity is the cure. Creative intelligence is medicine. Creative courage is needed, now more than ever. I free myself of the false notions that I am destined to live out my life in the coma of greed. Of getting. Of attaining.” 

My creativity is the cure. My creativity, which had been so stifled by 10 years of adjunct servitude and self-flagellation for not finding a tenure-track job. The creativity which might have allowed me to find that job, had I had the time and space to write and create instead of laboring away at subsistence wages in exploitative working conditions. The creativity which I needed to save me, and which I could not access because I was trying to survive.

My creativity is the answer. I’ve been feeling it bubble back, demanding (ever so gently) that I make time for it in my life again. I felt it give the gentle nudge to sign up for NaBloPoMo, as a way to create a daily ritual (see what I did there?) to honor my creativity and also build the very practical habit of writing every day.

My creativity is the balm, the thing that can finally take the lingering sting out of a sense of failure (however illogical) that nips my heels more often than I’d like. I have the ability to create something meaningful with my life, because I have the ability to create.

I create words and paragraphs and chapters.

I create safe, brave, healing spaces.

I create learning environments

I create curricula that stimulate the mind and the spirit.

I create.

I am creation. I am creativity.

I just forgot for a while.

And now, now I have the opportunity to not only remember, but to make myself anew, to branch and blossom in areas of creativity I thought long closed to me because I had chosen a narrow, thorny path — a path that was never meant for me, and which would resist me at every step. Now I have the opportunity not to follow a path, but to create one — not by hacking through the undergrowth, but by walking in gentleness and beauty and laughter and dedication.

Creativity is the cure.


About dreamingpriestess

Susan Harper, Ph.D., aka The Dreaming Priestess, is an educator, activist, advocate, and ritual specialist living and working in the Dallas, Texas area.
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